Current FoodSafe Audit criteria for food processors address:

Audit at George’s Poultry in Springdale, Arkansas

  • Pest Control processes
  • cGMPs
  • Recall and Traceability
  • Food Security
  • Sanitation
  • Allergens

Current FoodSafe criteria for distribution centers also address:

Audit at Equity in Albany, Kentucky

  • cGMPs
  • Pest Control
  • Pre-Operational Sanitation
  • Operational Sanitation
  • Food Security
  • Food Safety Practices
  • Temperature Controls
  • Product Traceability and Recall
  • Distribution Practices

FoodSafe Transport Audit criteria address:

  • cGMPs
  • Temperature Controls
  • Transportation Practices

Copies of these criteria are available below in Adobe Acrobat format.

Food Safety and Quality Systems

The extensive suite of Food Safety and Quality Systems Audits by PMC has helped numerous food industries meet global requirements. Our international auditing services are accredited to award certification giving you an advantage over your competitors.

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GFSI Food Safety Audits

Process Management Consulting will align your organization with GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) through certification ensuring food safety and quality conformity. We conduct audits on the basis of approved and recognized standards.

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Animal Welfare Audits

Humane handling of animals is always the right thing to do. It is right for ethical reasons as well as right for good food processing. PMC is involved in the study and promotion of animal husbandry processes that improve health and reduce stress on animals during.

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Supplier Audits

Process Management Consulting Supplier Audits take you a step ahead in food security management. The role of the supplier while managing varied operations is both crucial and significant. Food manufacturers and retailers are becoming more

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